Which Coaching Certification Should You Choose?

The number one question clients have for their potential coach is "what are your qualifications?"

Being specific in your certification choice can set you apart from other life coaches.

Clients want a coach who has experience with the areas they need support in. This can be anything from weight loss to health and wellness to job promotion to marketing to life balance to parenting coaching. (And yes, you can get certified in any of these areas through the Become A Coach Program.)

When choosing a certification we recommend you keep a few things in mind:

What are your personal interests or passions? This is a fantastic way to generate income. How so? This is because you clearly feel passion about this area and that passion has contributed many hours of study and perfecting (if you will) that area in your own life. And that passion will be an amazing driving force to help others do the same. Passion is a HUGE contributor to success.

Who is your client? What certification will be most attractive to them? Choose a certificate title that will let them know you can help them in that area. And luckily, you can choose several areas to be certified in through the Become A Life Coach Program, so you can appeal to quite a few types of clients.




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