Toys, Games and TV That Older and Younger Boys Can Do Together

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I have three boys. Ages 2, 4 and 10. Now, it may seem like it would be a struggle to find something they can do together, but actually no. Below are the top 5 activities the kids can do together- even though they are at different levels intellectually (and emotionally...and physically...)

  1. Swimming - Every one of the kids enjoys the pool, but fun at the beach is not always a go for the 10 year old. Go figure.

  2. Drawing - Getting out paper and markers can be enjoyed by every child. And they all can draw at whatever level they are at. Usually I pair it with a simple experiment as well. (Making clouds with shaving cream, water and food coloring and we can draw a weather scene.)

  3. Play-dough. Even the 10 year old cant resist a new can of playdough.

  4. Magnatiles and Magnaformers: But be warned, you need A LOT of them or fighting will ensue. Everyone needs a triangle or a double square. I solved this by buying a large set of both Magaformers and Magnatiles (pictured below). Took awhile for the two-year-old to be able to stack the Magnatiles so if you have young, young kids opt for the Magnaformers. The Amazon link for the Magnaformers is below buuuuut Walmart sells a similar product for a much better price. I have both sets below. Both are a hit. If you can only choose one, opt for Magnaformers.

  5. Watching rockets explode on YouTube. Don't worry, in the clips you find on YouTube, they generally leave out the explosions where people have perished. My kids all love huddling with me on the couch or bed watching "the top 10 rocket explosions."

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