At anytime throughout your training, and after you graduate, you will always be able to speak directly to your mentor coach. AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Even now, you are welcome to reach out to us below via chat or email Coach Mackenzie directly at bosslasy@CoachTrainingAcademy.com

Frequently asked questions


How long after I register can I access my program?

Within 24 hours after registering you will be able to access your program and all the bonus materials. The passwords and login details will be sent to the email you used when registering.

How do I register for a program?

Under programs, at the bottom of each program page (after the details of the program are listed) is a registration button. Your first payment (or full payment) is required to begin.

ICF Related Questions

Will I receive ICF credits upon gradiation?

Yes! Graduation comes with a transcript for ICF use listing the coach-specific hours you have earned.

Will I automatically be a member through the ICF upon completion?

The ICF requires payment and application for all levels of membership. They have full control over who becomes a member but everyone is welcome to apply.

Do I have to be an ICF member or ICF accredited coach in order to coach?

No, coaching is not regulated by the ICF and membership or accrediting is voluntary. Your clients only want to be assured you are trained and accredited and you gain that through every one of our programs.

Training Others As Coaches


If I have a problem...

At anytime during your training you're welcome to reach out directly to director Mackenzie via email, text or facebook messaging. Details below for each method available: Email: Bosslady@CoachTrainingAcademy.com Message on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coachmackenzie1 Text Messaging: 321.205.6725