The Become a Coach 6 Certificate Program and Certified Master Coach Program

Why Do Some Coaches Make Money and Some Don't?


What if you could get all the accrediting for yourself and your business, 6 certifications, social media marketing plans (30 days of what to list on Instagram and post online), and tools to use with clients (tests, assessments, checklists) that you needed to set yourself up to get to the TOP in your coaching practice? AND you will even earn ICF coach-specific hours.

Your Top 3 Bonus Items Just For Registering


10 Income Streams


Learn the 10 income streams every coach should have.


become a master certified coach (m.c.c.)

Train using a fast program to become a Master Certified Coach.


Choose 3 additional packages

You will also have the option to train in 3 of the following areas (in addition to the life coach program) relationship repair, NLP coach, career coaching or youth coaching.


Michael Buckely, Social Media Video Coach

“The passion test [included with your program] was awesome! Much of what I knew or thought I knew about the importance of purpose and passion was strongly enforced by the program.
When I started the training I felt nervous that maybe I would do the training and think “Well this isn’t for me” but after taking the training, I am 100% certain and gung ho about coaching. THANK YOU!”


Janean Davis, Professional Coach

"I highly recommend and believe it is an ideal choice for anyone who seeks to be a well-trained and experienced life coach.”


Kelley Kemp, Professional Coach and Speaker

“I have found myself in the “middle time of life”. Wondering what has been accomplished and where the road is going to take me. In a quest to chart a new course, I found that making the decision, both mentally and financially, to get training in coaching was the main step that was holding me back. What many people have said is a perfect fit for my talents and strengths, which  truly needed some shaping and sharpening, that is why I choose [IICS} as my best option to make the course adjustment of the rest of my life.”

Yours Just For Registering


Weight loss coaching program & certificate

You will be able to take the full weight loss coaching home study program that includes all the forms, assessments and tools you need to teach clients how to lose weight.


Bonus: Learn the Secret to Beating Those Strong Cravings


Health & Wellness coaching program & certificate

You will be able to take the full health and wellness coaching home study program that includes all the forms, assessments and tools you need to help assist clients in making healthy changes.


Bonus: Body, Health, Mind Client Assessment

mp cd.png

Audio Lesson: How I Got 14 clients in 1 weekend without talking to anyone

This is a lesson taught by instructor and coach Mackenzie on the secret she used to gain 14 new clients without using any money or  sales calls to gain new clie

175 box small.jpg

175 questions to ask Your Coaching Clients

What do you ask a client on your first session?

Which questions help them decide to sign with you? How do you help a client when they face a huge obstacle?

Which questions will help them discover their purpose?


How do you protect yourself from liability?

How do you protect your work from copyright?

How do you do your best to ensure you are not sued?

How do you protect your services WITHOUT getting liability insurance?

The Two Most Important Questions You Can

Audio: The two most important questions you can ask clients

Which questions incite the most change from a client?

What is the number one question you should always ask a client?

Coach Mackenzie will walk you through her 15 years of coaching experience to get down to what are the most important things you need to focus on when coaching.

CMCT Certificate.jpg

Master coach (mcc) training and certification

Become a Master Certified Coach (designation M.C.C.) in this self study course. At the end you will also be trained in dealing with anxieties people have. This is an advanced coaching course that deals with additional aspects of coaching in business and psychological scenarios. (Imagine being able to help coach people with anxieties?)

White Modern Wedding Magazine Cover.png

90 Day to Repair Your Relationship

This is a full program that YOU, the coach, can use with your clients to help them come from contemplating divorce to being on the same team, stronger than ever. This program allows for you to register couples for whatever price you choose. We recommend at least $475 a couple.

Become a Coach Tools Included

What Your Client Needs to Do Before Your First Coaching Session
    Preparing for the First Coaching Session
    The First Coaching Session – Creating an Individualized Coaching Plan
    How to Run an Effective Coaching Session
    How to Do a SWOT Analysis
    Root Cause Analysis – Asking Why
    The Power of High Impact Questions
    Tips for Helping Clients Set Priorities and Create Action Plans
    Tips for Taking Action – How You Can Help Your Coaching Clients Succeed
    After the Coaching Ends – Maintaining Momentum

Tools Continued...

    Coaching Process and Tools Overview
    Self-Assessment Worksheet
    Business Overview Worksheet
    Coaching Session Preparation Worksheet
    Individual Coaching Plan Template
    Coaching Feedback Worksheet
    Coaching Session Agenda Template
    SWOT Analysis Matrix
    Root Cause Analysis Worksheet
    High Impact Questions Worksheet
    Goal and Action Plan Template
    Coaching Journal
    Accountability ChecklistMomentum

Become a Coach Curriculum

New Coach Questions

    Discover the exact definition of coaching according to the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This helps you step into the right mindset!
    Learn who you can and cannot coach to ensure you’re following the laws in your state and province
    Know all the designations for certification within the ICF and terms so you’ll be ready to set a plan towards ICF certification
    Find out the step-by-step process for coach training to get all of the skills you need to start your own coaching business
    Figure out exactly how to make the career switch to coaching and start with a checklist to set up your home office
    Find out the hottest specialty areas available now and discover what niches you can choose
    Learn the 4 principles of coaching that you can refer to in your coaching practice whenever you need to

Unlocking Your Client’s Passion & ICF Requirements

    Learn the process to find your client’s passion, including a 4-step process that will help your clients feel empowered and motivated
    Find out the exact details you need to earn all of your ICF requirements for certification
    Receive a log to record your coaching hours and buddy coaching information to make sure you’re well on your way to meeting ICF certification hours

Goal Attainment

    Know the basics to create a goal, including a 3-step process to writing and setting them
    Create a timeline to take yourself or your client from the vision of having the goal to reality. Your clients will love you for this!
    Learn different goal realization models to use, including a 4-step way to set and achieve goals
    Discover the 8-step model of coaching for success to ensure the client reaches their goals and then set new ones

Create the Action Plan

    Discover how to take the goal into reality by creating a strategic plan to take it from start to finish
    Identify all of the resources your client has available to them and can use to make the goal a reality
    Know exactly what to do when obstacles raise their ugly heads that will help your client overcome and move forward with their goals. This is a biggie! Your client will stay stuck without your help on this so knowing the right thing to say is essential. I give you the exact question you need to ask!
    Help your client realize their motivation and stay on track. Without motivation, your client will lose focus. Helping them figure out what motivates them will get results for you AND your client!
    Create new beliefs with your client that will help them retrain their brain for success (and makes them love you for it!)
    Know the exact questions to ask your client and yourself to make sure you’re providing the necessary coaching support NEEDED to ensure your client’s satisfaction

Coaching Questions

    Learn the “Golden Rule” of coaching that tells you what to do when you’re in a “rut” with a client to get them back on track
    Discover questions for every scenario so that you’ll never have to wonder what to say next in a client session
    Know exactly what’s on the client’s mind to take their session in the right direction and ensure their satisfaction with your coaching
    Help a client get out of “why me” thinking to remember how to accomplish their goals
    Find the vision with your client so they can picture themselves in their ideal life and reach their goals faster
    Know the 3 parts of a coaching session so you have a blueprint to use with all clients and know EXACTLY how to conduct your first session

Learn to Group Coach

    Discover and communicate the benefits of group coaching to help your clients make changes in their lives
    Learn the types of coaching groups and environments to approach each in the right way
    Realize the group coaching step-by-step process that will help you keep the group focused on success
    Follow a formula to set up accountability partners to help clients stay on track during the week
    Receive tracking forms and a quick start checklist to help you get your group up and running fast

Listening, Acknowledging & Empowering Your Client

    Learn the exact coaching process you need to learn to listen to your client. This is easier than you think!
    Discover how to use the different forms of acknowledgement to show your client that you’re listening and empower them to take action
    Set boundaries so that both of you feel respected, empowered, and more confident in your coaching sessions. Working together is key to a successful client-coach relationship!
    Know the different client types so you can understand where your client is coming from even if they don’t have the same background as you

    Learn the exact method to clean out your environment to help you be the best coach you can be (and receive a process to help coach yourself through it)

Business Set Up Part 1

Create your business plan that gives you the step-by-step blueprint for your business, helping you know exactly how to take your business from concept to reality faster than you think

    Learn the 9 easy to follow must-do steps to set up your coaching business
    Discover the top 5 ways coaches earn money for you to use in your coaching business. Multiple streams of income = more opportunity to spend time with your family and a better lifestyle
    Receive a client welcome packet with Welcome Letter, Policies & Procedures, Client Agreement, and Background Questions all written for you with everything you need!
    Learn how to choose a coaching niche from the over 50 available to choose from

Business Set Up Part 2

    Learn the common business questions all new coaches have and the 3 stages to becoming a coach
    Use the business set-up check list to easily get your business started. Just go through the steps!
    Create your products and services with an easy to use resource to setup additional income streams in your business, meet client demand, and share your knowledge with the world
    Know exactly what to charge your clients for coaching so you never have to guess or compare yourself to other coaches
    Receive marketing materials for online and local marketing, complete with 60 ideas to get started

Create Your Coaching Website

    Learn exactly which domain name to choose and what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how it affects you
    Discover the way top-notch companies use websites to guide clients through their marketing funnel
    Find out affordable marketing resources you can use to find leads for your website. Most are free!
    Know exactly what to put in your bio to establish yourself as an expert to create trust with potential clients
    Discover how to use social media and whether you should or not for your coaching business
    Learn what to do if you’re not making sales (and start making some!)

Client Tests and Assessments

    Have tests and assessments ready for clients that need to improve and increase their success
    Help your clients discover their strengths that will help them reach their goals (and use it to discover your too!)
    Assess where your clients are in certain situations they want changed (and know exactly how to help them)
    Understand exactly how they react to situations to help them make behavior modifications for growth

The Secret to Motivation

    Understand exactly how the mind operates and use retraining steps to get motivated
    Know the difference between types of motivations and which one to use in every situation
    Discover the motivated state of mind that will help your client succeed
    Learn the 3-step process to motivate yourself and others

Find Your Niche

    Know how to choose your niche and narrow down the opportunities to only the ones you want to do
    Use the Niche Finder Tool to find your passion
    Receive answers to your questions about choosing a niche

Marketing Your Coaching Practice

    Receive the elements that make up successful marketing
    Set your marketing goals and vision to stay on track in your efforts
    Learn techniques to offline and online marketing to find leads, make sales, and keep clients buying from you again and again
    Discover what to do when a client says, “No,” so that you can overcome objections
    Know the importance of 7 in marketing and what it means for your business, motivation, and success as a coach
    Increase your exposure to constantly have leads finding you
    Discover networks that you can use to find more leads, referrals, and partners for your coaching business

Plus, you’ll receive the following:

    Resources on how to run seminars, write books, host self-help classes, and create videos
    Get hours to use towards your ICF accreditation
    Receive certification in 6 niches from over 50 areas to choose from (that’s more than any other certification program offers) and receive your certification as a Life Coach that gives you the ability to coach in over 30 countries
    Get mentoring from an assigned mentor coach to help you with any questions you have throughout your journey of becoming a certified coach
    Have access to all sessions through your very own area to listen to recordings, download each week’s lessons, and receive all of the available resources
    Receive practice coaching sessions for you to practice with other training coaches and receive feedback to help you increase your skills
    Get access to ongoing classes with specialized coaches in the areas of business, marketing, spirituality, time management, and more!

But Wait, That's Not All...

PLUS: You Will Also This Irresistible Stack:

Career Coaching In a Box: All the tools you need to help clients make the career switch to another career or their own business.

Your Own Personal Mentor Coach -


Upon registering you will be paired with a mentor coach. Someone who is a seasoned coach who will be there to answer any questions you have about coaching and business before and long after you graduate.

Youth Coaching Checklists: Assisting our youth in becoming leaders.

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