We have been training people since early 2015, as the Coaching Academy of North America (CANA). We have now moved our head office to the United States and have changed our name to the International Instruction of Coaching Studies (IICS).


Our students go on to create foundations, train others, host events, guest speak, run podcasts, and of course, coach others to greatness.


To continue to grow and expand as a business, as leaders, as compassionate people and to assist others in the way they need, uniquely to them and their circumstances.


We believe in putting PEOPLE OVER PROFITS, every time.

Our Teachers  

Coach Mackenzie is the lead instructor for IICS.

Her training includes over 15 years instructing others, advanced coaching training, a degree in psychology, marketing and business specialty training (including the psychology of sales). 

"IICS Has been invaluable in providing quality instruction for becoming a coach trainer. A former teacher and licensed principal, I was  impressed with the exhaustive resources made available by the faculty and the program. Whenever I had an inquiry, I was provided prompt, comprehensive responses, met with a high level of professionalism. I am passionate about empowering women and girls and this was an integral step in my plan to change lives. My training company is already being highly sought after because of the preparation I received with IICS. I would recommend this program for anyone passionate about training coaches to light the world on fire! ”


Shekina Moore

"What [I] Iove about Open your own academy program is that it gives a totally different area  to apply my skills, now I can open my own coaching academy. Love Coach Mackenzie :)”


Jennifer Johnson- Allums

"I would highly recommend people interested in becoming a life coach to consider IICS. Coach Mackenzie provides valuable information to help students perfect their trade and also gives us access to amazing resources to use with clients. She is very accessible to her students, responding to emails quickly. The cost of the program is very affordable, which is one factor that attracted me to the program initially. So far, I am extremely satisfied with my training and look forward to being able to call myself a IICS graduate!”


Simone Isser

"IICS has been a great addition towards my career goals.  The opportunity of being a student, learning new programs  to now teaching a class has opened new doors for me.  The programs are thorough and the people you meet are priceless.  Friendships are created and that too could open up opportunities to joint ventures.  If there is anything you need, Coach Mackenzie is always there to provide help and support.”


Hope Scippio

"I'm a graduate of the BAAC and the OYOA and Relation Coach programs and a few other courses from IICS. I especially enjoyed the OYOA course because it is an extremely excellent course.

Not only are you taught how to teach coaching and you also get a course to teach to your students.

You also get lots of resources during and after the course.”


Bob Hill

"My experience with IICS has been life changing!! I have loved taking my courses and gone back to review them a few times. I am still learning and taking more courses to grow in various areas. What I love most about IICS is that leaning is an ongoing process. I am constantly being sent new information, tips, ways of improving my business. I love the interaction and growth I have seen in myself and others all around me through this program. It is an ever evolving and transcending program that takes you to a higher level!!"

Florence del Carmen

"I really enjoy and love the trainers coaching program. Because it gives you the opportunity to start your own coaching Academy and to help others become certified coaches. I have recommend that your program to my other Pastor Friends."


Pastor Clyde Lewis

"I just want to say that I am really enjoying the Master Relationship Coaching Certification program through IICS.  One of the things that made me sign up with IICS in the first place was the vast resources I could get with the program.  It's nice to have an arsenal of product to be able to use on my own website to offer discounts, promotions or just plain great marketing tools.  And I love that even though I am doing the Home Study program, I never feel alone.  Coach MacKenzie is terrific at responding quickly to my emails and explaining things in a way that makes me feel she is routing for me to succeed.  Love IICS!!"


Tami Croft

"I have taken the many courses through IICS, my two favorites were the OYOA Program and NLP Program. Both have expanded my knowledge as a coach and gave me techniques to use in my own life.  Coach MacKenzie and the IICS Faculty have been a pleasure to work with. The combined services and gifts they share are a Blessing to us all."


Anitra White

"I love learning with IICS, it's convenient, thorough, and thought out.  Everything is provided for getting set up, except your business cards and a website (but there is even a to help you get a website.)  The lessons apply right to your the practice you are building, so there's no wasted work, just a little self discovery to get you motivated and confident! If you are thinking about doing this, don't wait, don't hesitate, sign up!!!"


Lindsay Baldassano